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Scores for season 28

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1The Lives Of Others
(Das Leben der Anderen)
8.234811th Oct 2007
2The Painted Veil8.094110th Apr 2008
3Little Miss Sunshine 7.894410th Jan 2008
4The Last King of Scotland7.733824th Jan 2008
= 4Notes On A Scandal7.733013th Sep 2007
6Jour de Fête7.263527th Mar 2008
7Away From Her7.205024th Apr 2008
8Volver7.06338th May 2008
9The Page Turner
(La tourneuse de pages)
7.004622nd May 2008
10Belleville Rendez-Vous
(Les triplettes de Belleville)
6.973427th Mar 2008
11Pans Labyrinth
(El laberinto del fauno)
6.883427th Sep 2007
12The Prestige6.86368th Nov 2007
13The Day I Became a Woman
(Roozi ke zan shodam)
6.662925th Oct 2007
14Offside6.562725th Oct 2007
(The Child)
6.375422nd Nov 2007
16Consequences of Love
(Le conseguenze dell'amore)
6.243428th Feb 2008
17La belle Et La Béte5.973313th Dec 2007
18Black Cat, White Cat
(Crna macka, beli macor)
5.742714th Feb 2008
19The Departed0.0013th Mar 2008

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