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Scores for season 38

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1Lion8.465214th Sep 2017
2Hidden Figures8.406011th Jan 2018
3A United Kingdom8.284312th Oct 2017
4I, Daniel Blake7.782728th Sep 2017
5La Famille Bélier7.703723rd Nov 2017
6Coming Home7.313922nd Feb 2018
7Romeo and Juliet7.24298th Feb 2018
8Fuglene over sundet
(Across the Waters)
7.194225th Jan 2018
9Hell's Angels6.03349th Nov 2017
10Moonlight5.973922nd Mar 2018
11Nora inu
(Stray Dog)
5.74428th Mar 2018
12La La Land5.613314th Dec 2017
13Mediterranea5.473226th Oct 2017
14Casque D'Or0.0012th Apr 2018
= 14Torch Song Trilogy0.0026th Apr 2018
= 14Hunt for the Wilderpeople0.0010th May 2018
= 14Infamous0.0024th May 2018

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Friday, 20th April 2018
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