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Scores for season 19

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1The Full Monty8.503625th Mar 1999
2Its A Wonderful Life8.412710th Dec 1998
3Le Grand Chemin
(The Grand Highway)
8.07298th Apr 1999
4The African Queen8.063228th Jan 1999
5Mrs Brown7.934524th Sep 1998
6Ridicule7.784626th Nov 1998
7Grosse Pointe Blank7.583812th Nov 1998
= 7L.A. Confidential7.582513th May 1999
9The Road To Morocco7.523310th Sep 1998
= 9Shooting Stars [Silent]7.522714th Jan 1999
11The Wings of the Dove7.294225th Feb 1999
12The Boston Strangler [Scope]7.243711th Feb 1999
13Romeo + Juliet6.583122nd Apr 1999
14Letter From My Village
(Kaddu Beykat)
6.502022nd Oct 1998
= 14The Blue Angel
(Der blaue Engel)
6.502811th Mar 1999
16Twelve Monkeys6.00238th Oct 1998
(Microcosmos: Le peuple de l'herbe)
0.0027th May 1999

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