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Scores for season 33

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel8.393810th Jan 2013
2The Artist8.283313th Sep 2012
3Hugo7.844522nd Nov 2012
= 3Departures7.844314th Mar 2013
5La Fille du Puisatier
(The Well-Digger's Daughter)
7.68259th May 2013
6My Week With Marilyn7.564127th Sep 2012
7Le Ballon Rouge
(The Red Balloon)
7.331824th Jan 2013
8Des Hommes et Des Dieux
(Of Gods and Men)
7.033728th Mar 2013
9A Separation6.973311th Oct 2012
10Pal Joey6.883213th Dec 2012
11La Grande Illusion6.67398th Nov 2012
12Shadow of a Doubt6.593711th Apr 2013
13Mary and Max6.533023rd May 2013
14Of Time and the City6.312928th Feb 2013
15Rumba6.252828th Feb 2013
16Peepli Live6.173525th Oct 2012
17Coriolanus5.842525th Apr 2013
18The White Mane5.831724th Jan 2013
19La Boulangere de Monceau
(The Girl at the Monceau Bakery )
4.811624th Jan 2013
20Wolke 9
(Cloud 9)
4.563214th Feb 2013

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