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Scores for season 37

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1Bridge of Spies8.243322nd Sep 2016
2Spotlight8.173012th Jan 2017
3Suffragette7.89449th Mar 2017
4Brooklyn7.85389th Feb 2017
5Eddie the Eagle7.793826th Jan 2017
6The Good Lie7.503327th Oct 2016
7Etz Limon
(Lemon Tree)
7.353423rd Feb 2017
8Grandma7.342913th Apr 2017
9Ex Machina7.123427th Apr 2017
10Carol6.97278th Sep 2016
11Trouble in Paradise6.933013th Apr 2017
12Gunfight at the OK Corral6.902924th Nov 2016
13The Big Parade6.823310th Nov 2016
14Hector6.44328th Dec 2016
15Closely Observed Trains6.003025th May 2017
16Comme Une Image
(Look at Me)
5.823913th Oct 2016
5.753611th May 2017
18Mystery Road4.953923rd Mar 2017

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