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Scores for season 34

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1West Side Story8.783624th Apr 2014
8.29459th Jan 2014
3Argo8.073012th Sep 2013
4All About Eve7.823428th Nov 2013
5In Love with Alma Cogan7.682822nd May 2014
6También la lluvia
(Even the Rain)
7.383724th Oct 2013
(Hunt, The)
7.133127th Mar 2014
8La délicatesse
6.834613th Feb 2014
9Yi ge dou bu neng shao
(Not one Less)
6.55338th May 2014
10Never Let Me Go6.533023rd Jan 2014
11Amour6.462426th Sep 2013
12No6.443627th Feb 2014
13Le Gamin au vélo
(The Kid With a Bike)
6.424313th Mar 2014
14The First Movie6.042810th Apr 2014
15Rare Exports, A Christmas Tale
(Rare Exports)
5.713112th Dec 2013
16Ivanovo detstvo
(Ivan's Childhood)
5.223614th Nov 2013
17Sightseers4.563910th Oct 2013
18La vida útil
(A Useful Life)
2.892810th Apr 2014
19Making a Living0.0012th Dec 2013

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