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Scores for season 32

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1El secreto de sus ojos
(The Secret in Their Eyes)
8.694224th Nov 2011
2The King's Speech8.66298th Sep 2011
3Nirgendwo in Africa
(Nowhere in Africa)
8.002822nd Mar 2012
4Made in Dagenham7.943322nd Sep 2011
5Le placard
(The Closet)
7.703024th May 2012
6Young@Heart7.332712th Apr 2012
7Coco avant Chanel
(Coco before Chanel)
7.274126th Apr 2012
8Etre et Avoir
(To Be and to Have)
6.943513th Oct 2011
(The Illusionist)
6.92259th Feb 2012
10Angels with Dirty Faces6.87378th Mar 2012
11Machan6.813227th Oct 2011
12La noche de los girasoles
(The night of sunflowers)
6.673323rd Feb 2012
13Harvey6.30278th Dec 2011
14Public Enemies6.163810th Nov 2011
15Black Swan5.883412th Jan 2012
16Inception5.823410th May 2012
17La question humaine
(Heartbeat Detector)
3.953826th Jan 2012

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