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Scores for season 20

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1Central Station
(Central do Brasil)
9.9114th Oct 1999
2Shakespeare in Love8.6013th Jan 2000
3Shall We Dance?
(Shall we dansu?)
8.2610th Feb 2000
4The Apartment8.199th Mar 2000
5Smallest Show on Earth7.7725th May 2000
6As Good as It Gets7.609th Dec 1999
7Sliding Doors7.3530th Sep 1999
8Bringing Up Baby7.3025th Nov 1999
9Life is Beautiful
(La vita è bella)
7.1123rd Mar 2000
10Mildred Pierce6.9727th Jan 2000
11The Whales of August6.9611th May 2000
12The Truman Show6.8016th Sep 1999
13Hilary and Jackie6.7811th Nov 1999
14October 1917 (Ten Days that Shook the World)
6.2928th Oct 1999
15Night of the Hunter6.1624th Feb 2000
16Gods and Monsters6.1327th Apr 2000
17Annie Hall5.6813th Apr 2000

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