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Scores for season 31

Maximum possible score 10
Position Film Average Score Reactions Show date
1Invictus8.024513th Jan 2011
2Conversations with my Gardner7.953712th May 2011
3An Education7.83359th Sep 2010
4First Day of the rest of Your Life7.543523rd Sep 2010
5Everlasting Moments7.463514th Apr 2011
6Kings Game7.363625th Nov 2010
7The Hurt Locker7.093514th Oct 2010
8A Touch of Class6.97359th Dec 2010
9Cherry Blossoms
(Kirschblüten - Hanami )
6.883210th Feb 2011
10Appalousa6.804024th Feb 2011
11Europa Europa6.593727th Jan 2011
12Gilda6.313628th Apr 2011
13The Oyster Farmer6.024410th Mar 2011
14Ushpizin5.943528th Oct 2010
15Fish Tank5.793824th Mar 2011
16Paranormal Activity2.752411th Nov 2010
17State and Main0.0026th May 2011

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