Woking's New Cinema Club
Current Season's Films
14th September 2017
UK, 2016, Cert PG
28th September 2017
I, Daniel Blake
UK, 2016, Cert 15
12th October 2017
A United Kingdom
UK, 2016, Cert 12A
One World Week
26th October 2017
France, 2015, Cert 15
9th November 2017
Hell's Angels
USA, 1930, Cert PG
23rd November 2017
La Famille Bélier
France, 2015, Cert 12
14th December 2017
La La Land
USA, 2017, Cert 12A
11th January 2018
Hidden Figures
USA, 2017, Cert PG
25th January 2018
Fuglene over sundet
(Across the Waters)
Denmark, 2016, Cert 15
8th February 2018
Romeo and Juliet
UK, 1968, Cert PG
22nd February 2018
Coming Home
USA, 1978, Cert 18
8th March 2018
Nora inu
(Stray Dog)
Japan, 1949, Cert PG
22nd March 2018
USA, 2017, Cert 15
12th April 2018
Casque D'Or
France, 1952, Cert PG
26th April 2018
Torch Song Trilogy
USA, 1988, Cert 15
10th May 2018
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
New Zealand, 2016, Cert 12A
24th May 2018
Annual General Meeting
followed by
USA, 2006, Cert 15

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Sunday, 27th May 2018
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